Pearl Oysters and Gift Sets

Absolutely amazing gift idea

Genuine Pearl Oysters with 100% guaranteed pearls inside.

Pick a pendant or charm, add a seawater pearl oyster

and you have the most unique gift idea for any occasion!

Watch this slideshow to see how it works!

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The 925 sterling silver pendants can be opened up as you take them off the silver chain, so the pearl can sit inside the pendant securely without the need to drill the pearl. The oysters have been X-rayed so there is definitely a pearl inside in each of them, though the colour of the pearls is always a surprise. The pearls are approximately 6-7mm and can come in white, pink, peach and peacock black colours. You are the every first person to see this brand new pearl, and there is something truly magical about this.

You may choose a charm (not sterling silver) additionally to your pendant. The charms open up and hold the pearl securely just as the pendants do and can be attached to a mobile phone, camera or bag. Please add in the note box when purchasing, if you would like to have a charm as well. If you order an oyster on it's own, your order will automatically include one charm.

Seawater pearl oysters

The seawater pearl oysters hold a superb quality lovely round shape pearl inside them. They come individually packaged in a vacuum sealed pack. The oysters should be opened with a dull knife carefully to avoid injury. Please store the oyster in the unopened vacuum seal bag in the fridge, until it gets opened. You can store the oyster like that up to approximately 2-3 months from the day of arrival.

If you wish to get a charm with your gift set please let me know in your order message.

As these gift packages contain liquid materials, they have to be posted by special delivery (Royal Mail). Due to the higher cost of this shipping method there is a £5.50 shipping charge on the orders.

Seawater pearl oyster gift sets with standard sterling silver pendants from £48

Standard gift set options:

Includes one of the sterling silver pendants of your choice with a 18" chain and a vacuum sealed seawater oyster

Limited edition pendants

(only 1 or 2 is available)

Seawater pearl oyster gift set with a limited edition pendant (only wild apple and cube are available at the moment)

Pearl oysters without pendant and chain £24.50

Includes a vacuum sealed seawater oyster

and a small charm (not sterling silver)

My pearl-oyster

Open packaging - open the oyster take out your pearl -

wash the pearl with clean water - slip sterling silver pendant off the chain -

open pendant and place the pearl inside - close cage pendant

and put it back on the chain - wear your unique jewellery

Colour of pearl meanings:

white: health - peach: wisdom

purple: wealth - black: love

Customer advice: Do not eat the oyster! It is not a toy, do not give it to children or leave them unattended with the product! Wash hands after handling product. Dispose the box, shell and liquid and wash pearl carefully with clean water. Liquid solution with oyster may contain medicinal alcohol, do not eat or drink any parts of oyster or solution.

If liquid contacts eye or mouth, rinse with plenty of clean water and seek medical attention.